What better way to get an appreciation of our bygone days that with a demonstration of vintage vehicles.  Sunday at the show will see a superb display of vintage vehicles form throughout the years.

Visitors to the show will get to see various vehicles on display and will have the chance to chat or catch up with owners.

So whether you are a Massey or Ford fan or simply love to see classics from yesteryear…you will not be disappointed by the display at the NI Countrysports Fair.


Applying to Attend with Your Vintage Vehicle

There will be a limit on the number of vehicles accepted due to space restrictions and these will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis within the categories of cars, tractors, bikes.  In the event that there are repetitions of the same type of vehicles, organisers will decide who to accept based on order of receipt and maximum space allocation.

If you would like to apply to attend with your vintage vehicle, please download a form from the link below.  This is not a guarantee of acceptance and successful applicants will be informed and sent the pass for their driver ahead of the show.  Additional passengers will be required to pay on the day:

Vintage Vehicles Application Form 2018