Archery 2019

Visitors to the NI Countrysports Fair will be treated to not one, but two different have-a-go archery layouts.

Banbridge Archery Club

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Target archery is the only form of archery allowed in the Olympic games and has over a hundred member nations throughout the world. There are over 1000 registered target archery clubs in the UK, so finding one near you should not be too difficult.

The sport can be traced back to its lineage where the skilful use of the medieval longbow at Crecy (1346) and at Agincourt (1415) laid down its mark in history and today we retain that history and balance it alongside a modern Olympic sport.

Archery has now been an permanently established part of the Olympics since 1972 and has been highly commended by the International Olympic Committee for its ability to adapt to the changing face of sport and the media.

The local Banbridge Archery Club will be offering target archery at the fair, suitable for all ages, with instructors available to ensure you get on the bullseye.

Kilmore Archery and Craigavon Archery Club

Since the beginning of time, man has hunted for food using the bow to great effect. As some countries throughout the World still hunt with a Bow for ‘sport’, a new target was developed to assist the archer hone his skills during the ‘out of season’ period.

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The 3D Animal target as it became known is made from heavy duty foam and is a three dimensional replica of the various animals that were most commonly hunted. Each target was marked with the areas that would guarantee a ‘clean kill’ during the hunt so archers could practise their accuracy therefore reducing the possibility of injuring the animal.

As more archers started to use these targets they found that it gave them the same experience as the actual ‘hunt’, and so 3D Archery tournaments were born. Today 3D archery is the fastest growing branch of Field Archery which is shot in most countries throughout the World giving archers the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of the hunt without harming animals. Targets range from bison to frogs, bears to rabbits and we now even see alien creatures in some of the events.

The organising clubs cannot guarantee you any aliens but they are sure you will enjoy this exciting form of archery.

Kilmore Archery and Craigavon Archery Club will have a range of these 3D targets set up at their stand over both days of the show, providing both an interesting and challenging target.